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No 8 Ventures

No 8 Ventures invests in young New Zealand technology companies across ICT, cleantech, biotech, and other specialised technologies.

By accessing the companies with the best potential, engaging actively to build teams and focus strategies, and connecting the companies internationally, No 8 Ventures aims to build a portfolio of great, sustainable international businesses.

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LATEST NEWS: Martin Jetpack wows with first public manned flight in China

6 December 2015: The Martin Aircraft Company, a No 8 Ventures portfolio company, wowed thousands in Shenzen, China, with the first public manned flight of the Martin Jetpack on Sunday. Watch the video of this spectacular manned flight below.

No 8 Ventures invested in the Martin Jetpack when it was a very early prototype in Glenn Martin’s garage. We are very proud to have helped this technology from the garage to the impressive flying machine you see today.  Read More.

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