No 8 Ventures

Operating Style

No 8 Ventures Management Ltd builds partnerships with entrepreneurs based on a shared commitment to excellence with a culture that will lead to successful international growth and wealth creation to all partners. We enjoy working relationships with innovative people who have the character and ambition needed to build world-class technology companies.

Active Involvement

We take an active role in our investments, balancing a ‘hands-on’ involvement with impartiality and objectivity. Our involvement goes significantly beyond a conventional governance role and entails assisting and mentoring to ensure the company gains and maintains business momentum and is prepared and properly resourced to handle exponential growth. We seek to back world class entrepreneurs who in turn will look to us as active contributors and as a good sounding board for management.

Flexible and Approachable

We keep operating restrictions and investment rules to a practical minimum – there is no standard model against which our involvement is provided. We aim to encourage not stifle the entreprenuerial spirit of the founders.

Alignment of Interests

The best investment relationships are established when the interests of all the parties are aligned. We spend considerable time prior to committing to investment in getting to know the aspirations, motivations, abilities and style of the key innovators in a company. You will find us to be enthusiastic contributors who have experienced the issues involved in starting and growing businesses. We share the excitement and satisfaction of helping businesses to grow to their full potential and we invest our personal time and money in investments alongside the investors in our funds.

Reputation and Track Record

The principals of No 8 Ventures Management Ltd have established good reputations and track records in the business community both in New Zealand and overseas. We have complementary skills in the areas of financing, commercialisation of technology, corporate development, marketing, management and governance. We couple this experience, skill and enthusiasm with our own funding and that of our investors to seek the best available technology growth opportunities that New Zealand entrepreneurship can deliver.

Local and International Networks

No 8 Ventures Management Ltd has a broad network of local and international relationships with other capital funds, service providers and business associates that we use to bring value to our investment portfolio companies. We are proud of our independence, which lets us form the links which are of the greatest value to our portfolio companies.

No 8 Ventures has established a proposal review process that will allow us to invest quickly and efficiently once we have got to know the people involved and can agree on a structure.