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Check out the ikeGPS kickstarter project: Introducing Spike smartphone accessory

Posted by: | Glenn Milnes | Innovation | Investment | No8 Investments | Technology | 08.10.2013

We’d like to share a message from Glenn Milnes the CEO of ikeGPS, a No 8 Ventures portfolio company.

Introducing Spike: the world’s first laser accurate smartphone accessory

As a friend of ike I wanted you to be first to hear about the launch of Spike – the world’s first laser-accurate smartphone accessory that enables a smartphone user to measure, map, 3D model (and share) any object up to 600 feet away…from a single photo.

We launched Spike on (yesterday) and we’d really appreciate if you would consider: – spreading the word across your network (email, facebook, linkedin, media, etc).

Some of the greatest value we get from this process is engaging across the widest possible community of potential users and developers – backing the campaign by leaping on-board and pledging for something! You can be one of the first people in the world to have a Spike, and will get to experience the kickstarter journey first-hand.

You can check out the campaign here:

At the end of the October we’ll also look forward to hosting you at the ‘Spike-We-Kicked-It’ party. Many thanks again for any and all help in making Spike’s launch a success.

Best regards

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