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ikeGPS Group Ltd

Posted by: | Portfolio | 15.06.2012

ikeGPS makes handheld devices which measure anything anywhere. They allow verifiable remote images to be captured with their GPS identifiers and for measurements to be taken from these geo-located photos by combining a camera, laser, GPS, compass, inclinometer and PDA. ikeGPS’s innovative “point and shoot” laser GPS technology allows field users to remotely capture positional data for any target up to 1,000 meters distant, keeping the user safe and boosting efficiency while reducing field time significantly. It is used by anyone wishing to record remote assets with their exact location for downloading into standard mapping software, for measuring from these photos, and for generating rapid 3D mock ups of building. The ike500 is now sold under the GE brand as GE Mapsight. The major market for this is utility companies (especially for pole audit). The recently released Spike, or Smart Phone ike, is a much smaller device: it clips onto the back of a smartphone. This is allows for rapid measurement for example by architects, builders, engineers.

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