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Kiwi innovation finds eager market

Posted by: | News | No8 Investments | 20.09.2006

SurveyLab gets covered this week in an article pointing to their No.8 thinking.

Company founder Leon Toorenburg couldn”t find a device to fit the job so he built his own.

That job was trying to survey sites for radio masts in Kenya using a combination of a camera, a global positioning system locator and notepads.

A couple of years later ike was born. Ike stands for “It Knows Everything” and is a camera, GPS locator, compass and handheld computer rolled into one.

Chief executive Andy Nicoll said: “The concept is taking a picture to put on a map with a GPS location, and being able to do it from up to a kilometre away.”

He said ike was the only device in the world that could do this. Other GPS devices with cameras tell you where the camera is. “There is nothing else that does what this does.”

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