No 8 Ventures


Posted by: | Cool Stuff | Jenny Morel | Marketing & Evangelism | Morgo | New Zealand | No8 Investments | 04.09.2009

Morgo went very well.  Standing around in the warm sunshine at Waitangi with lots of exciting New Zealand companies.  The offshore speakers provide a great spark.  Bill Reichert from Garage Ventures was a popular speaker, and stayed around to lead a walking workshop on entrepreneurship on Saturday – where we ended up kayaking.  The Aconex founders provided an inspiration to follow.  Andy Scott delivered a great talk on the future of mobile, Catherine Mohr warned us not to watch the graphic images of robotic surgery, and Andy Lark gave yet another great talk, this time on networking in the current day.  The jetpack flew, although not a lot as the wind came up.  Look forward to seeing you all there next year.

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