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No 8 Ventures congratulates Martin Aircraft Company on the world’s first practical jetpack!

Posted by: | Cool Stuff | Glenn Milnes | Innovation | Jenny Morel | New Zealand | News | No8 Investments | Venture Capital | 30.07.2008

Martin Aircraft Company today unveiled the world’s first practical jetpack at Airventure, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This is the culmination of nearly 30 years of research and development by Glenn Martin and a team of avionic, technical, design and production experts.  For the next week the Martin Jetpack features as one of the star attractions alongside Virgin Galactic and the Boeing Dreamliner at the world’s largest air show.   Martin Aircraft Company, then in a garage, received initial investment from the No 8 Ventures in 2003 and we have worked intensively with the company for the past 5 years to reach this point.  In 2005, the 9th prototype achieved sustained flight times, laying the foundation for a viable and successful pre-production prototype to be developed.  In 2008, the world’s first practical jetpack was launched. 

For a small country, New Zealand has built a reputation for delivering the innovative, record-breaking and the breath taking. The Martin Jetpack is all of these, and No 8 Ventures congratulates Glenn Martin and the team at Martin Aircraft Company Ltd on their achievement.  

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