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Posted by: | News | 06.09.2006

NZ Herald interviews Jenny on life as a VC and our focus at N0. 8 ventures. Some highlights:

No 8’s investments, by their nature, offer potentially high returns but carry relatively high risk.

“The role of the venture capitalist is to aggressively manage down that risk,” says Morel.

That’s done through the rigorous pre-investment due diligence and by being “a very active mentor for the companies’ management”.

Morel’s work in assisting the development of the kind of technology-based companies the Government hopes will increasingly power the economy in years to come earned her a gong in the last New Year’s honours.

At the time, she was surprised her work with No 8 had been recognised so quickly.

“We think we’re building some great companies but we haven’t got them through to an exit which gives returns to our investors. Some of the companies we’ve been in for a long time I think are going to do well but their returns aren’t realised yet.”

Among the companies she thinks will pay off are telco billing systems supplier Argent Networks, early-stage cancer therapeutics company Proacta, industrial scale composting company VCU Technology and 3D graphics outfit Right Hemisphere.

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