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Proacta in Phase 2 clinical trials

Posted by: | Glenn Milnes | Innovation | Investment | No8 Investments | Venture Capital | 13.07.2009

Proacta’s lead compound, PR104, has entered Phase 2 clinical trials. This is an exciting milestone for the company. After showing signs of activity in early Phase 1 clinical trials – which establish how much of the drug can safely be administered, PR104 is now being evaluated in Phase 2 trials to test its efficacy for both liver cancer and lung cancer. These trials are being conducted in New Zealand, Asia, Canada, and the US. Results should be available by mid-2010.

No 8 Ventures co-led the Series A investment in Proacta five years ago, basing its investment decision on the increasing evidence that hypoxia (shortage of oxygen) is important in solid tumours and the world-leading intellectual property in this area developed by scientists at the University of Auckland and Stanford University, which formed the basis for the company.
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