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Stories from the Morgo community

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Since 2002, people building high growth businesses into the world from New Zealand have been coming together at Morgo. We get together for two days of sharing stories and being inspired by others. And every year, we come away re-excited about growing businesses from New Zealand.

Growing businesses is hard work. Everyone has setbacks. The entrepreneurs who grow companies are an especially tenacious and positive group of people: they are going to succeed no matter what. They are risk takers, they work crazy hours, they are obsessive. Much of the time they are embattled. Every now and then there is a wonderful breakthrough. Morgo is a celebration of the fact that building great businesses can be fun – as well as hard work and the inevitable setbacks. The Morgo community are bound by their shared experience of building businesses from New Zealand.

These people spend much of their time travelling or oriented out from New Zealand.

Morgo is an opportunity to find that others are sharing this experience. The energy generated when these entrepreneurs come together is what makes Morgo exciting. The speakers at Morgo are members of this community sharing their stories, inspirational entrepreneurs from offshore raising our sights, and some subject matter experts to help us think about what may be possible in the future.

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