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The Martin Aircraft Company announces Peter Coker as new CEO

Posted by: | Uncategorized | 08.10.2013

The Martin Aircraft Company has announced the appointment Peter Coker as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Coker has a distinguished aviation career in New Zealand and overseas. Most recently he was General Manager for Lockheed Martin Global Inc (New Zealand) as well as Head of International Business Development Mission Systems and Training for Asia Pacific. 

Company Chair, Jenny Morel, said the company’s ability to attract a renowned international aviation expert was due to the significant technological breakthroughs that the business has achieved with its jetpack.

“We have made a number of flight technology advancements in recent times, including the testing of new ducted fan technology, the development of a ballistic parachute, an impact-absorbing undercarriage and carbon fibre pilot module. We have dramatically increased the overall performance of the Martin Jetpack and now with Mr Coker’s extensive networks and experience across a broad spectrum of industry sectors on board, the next step is to launch the jetpack to commercial markets around the world.”

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