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Welcome to the N0 8 Ventures” blog. This, our first foray into the blogosphere, is about two things.

First, sharing thoughts, content, links and more. We come across a wealth of information as we go about evaluating investments and assisting the companies in our portfolio. This is the perfect vehicle with sharing that information more broadly. If you”ve got ideas You should therefore establish whether the you want to join has a robust model of protecting you as you go about gambling. for a business and want to share them, drop us an email.

Second, and more importantly, it is about igniting a(nother) conversation on entrepreneuring and venture capital in

New Zealand . Together these become the most potent forces for generating wealth casino and economic success.

We also updated the N0 8 Ventures home on the Web. Take a look and give us your thoughts on what you would like to see more of. Thanks to the team (esp. Jon) at Marker (the new Outfit) for their work on the blog and site.

– Jenny, Mark & Andy

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